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  1. Did I miss something, or are your forums just getting redone? I did notice that my account wasn’t recognized anymore but thought that was because I hadn’t logged in in a while.


    1. Hi Ian, I just found a reference to your website by a book I checked out from a library…”Windows 7: Inside and Out by Bott, Siechert and Stinson”, pg. 454 in the Chapter dealing with Using Media Center….
      I haven’t had any luck with my question in any MS Forums and having a time find the ‘’ forum as well.

      Anyhow, I have an Acer/EMachines computer (only about 3 years old), running Windows 7 Home Premium edition 64 bit, my problem is that Media Center stopped recognizing/playing dvd’s (about 6 months ago). It will play, rip and burn cd’s with no problems. I keep everything updated including Anti-Virus, etc. Run scans daily,…… Can you or any educated computer user shed any light on this problem? (I am not a super computer geek, but I do know my way around most computer long as it doesn’t require messiing with codes, etc. lol)
      Thanks in advance!

  2. I realized that after I posted the comment. Was looking around at the site and saw the post I sent you the e-mail about. Then thought to myself, duhhhh.. Should always look around before posting.. LOL

    Anyway, hope to get some recommendations on my post about a new small form factor media center pc. I’ve just always dealt with digital pvrs and now that I’ve decided to archive all my dvds to the EX490 I figured it was time to get a media center pc and a couple of HD Home Runs for recording TV and I can then do away with the pvrs.

    Keep up the good work Ian, I just finished listening to show 235, so only have another 65 to go to catch up 🙂


  3. Hi,

    it would ge great if you implement cmdline support, so tasks can be automated in the future.



  4. Maybe someone here can help me out. here is my problem:
    I did the xbox update a few weeks ago for the new console interface and it worked fine and it was working fine as an extender. Just recently I updated my Win 7 to SP1 and now my xbox can’t be used to play recorded tv shows or watch live tv anymore. I can view pictures, play music and watch videos I have on my htpc. I can’t beleive that there is no fix released yet. Maybe there are not a ton of people using an xbox as an extender but this should be addressed asap for those who are. I have seen quite a few posts with no solutions other than to reinstall windows.
    I do not have a restore point to use due to my haphazzard house cleaning so right now I can’t use my xbox as an extender, which is the main reason I bought it to begin with.
    If anyone has a fix to this problem, Please post it so we can all benefit.

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