I’ve been diving deep into sound design on the Korg Modwave lately, and I’ve received numerous requests for various sounds. This got me thinking—why not host a live stream on YouTube focused on sound design with the Korg Modwave?

Join me on Tuesday, April 23rd, 2024, at 8pm UK time / 12pm PST / 9pm CET for an exciting live stream session. I’ll be demonstrating how to create sounds from scratch on the Modwave and incorporating custom samples.

During the stream, I’ll tackle creating CS80/Vangelis-style lead sounds, crafting smooth Pink Floyd-style pads, and even developing a custom Fairlight sound. Additionally, I’d love to hear your suggestions for sounds to explore during the stream. Leave a comment letting me know what types of sounds you’d like to see me create on the Modwave.

UPDATE: This is the live stream event

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