Welcome to my latest Korg Modwave collection! This is the 1970s String Machines collection for the Modwave. Back in the early 1970s, polyphonic synthesizers were extremely expensive, heavy, and unreliable. Musicians wanted a simple machine for recreating the expensive real string sections.

This led to a range of instruments that produced lush ensemble-sounding machines, which were based on organ-style divide-down technology. While they were ultimately replaced by affordable poly synths, they still have a unique sound.

This collection recreates the classic sounds of the Solina String Ensemble, Korg Delta, Korg Trident (a multi-instrument machine with a string section), Roland VP-330 (with Human Voice Choir sound), and Elka sounds.

There are over 40 performances and programs enabling you to recreate the string sounds of Jean-Michel Jarre, Pink Floyd, and Vangelis. There are string sounds, vocal sounds, and even Celeste and the occasional brass sound.

To get started with the sounds, simply download the zip file, open it up, and import the bundle file into the Modwave, Modwave MkII, Modwave Rack, or Modwave Native.

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