I received a question from a commenter asking if it’s possible to recreate the classic Vox Humana sound from the Polymoog on the Korg Modwave. This iconic sound, notably used by Gary Numan in tracks like “Cars” and “Our Friends Electric,” has become synonymous with a certain era of music.

In this video, I guide you through the process of creating the Vox Humana sound on the Korg Modwave. Starting from scratch, I demonstrate how to set up each oscillator and utilize various effects to achieve that distinctive tone.

This classic sound not only resonates beautifully on the Modwave but can also be applied using similar techniques on other polyphonic synthesizers.

As a bonus, the sound I create in the video is available as a free download for the Modwave. Now you can experiment and enjoy the iconic Vox Humana sound in your own music.

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