Introducing my latest free collection of sounds for the Korg Modwave: The Digital Collection. This assortment harks back to the late 80s, a time when analogue synths were being supplanted by the latest digital alternatives like the Ensoniq VFX, Roland D50, Korg M1, and Yamaha SY77.

These synths boasted a distinct clean, crisp digital sound, replacing analogue Voltage-Controlled Oscillators (VCOs) and filters with digital samples featuring analogue emulation.

The Digital Collection draws inspiration from these late 80s digital synths. Within the collection, you’ll find an array of sounds, including bells, choral layers, piano layers, and more. Some performances are directly influenced by sounds from the Ensoniq VFX, Roland D50, Yamaha SY77, and Korg M1. With 51 performances and 20 programs available, you’ll have plenty of material to enhance your own collections.

Simply download the zip file, unpack, and import into your Korg Modwave, Modwave Native, Modwave Rack, or Modwave mkII, and transport yourself back to the late 80s!

Here are the sounds in action and I also show you how I achieved some of sounds.

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