Microsoft has released a new build of Windows 11 for Windows Insiders on the Dev and Canary Channels. Build 26052 is available for both channels as Microsoft have bumped the dev channel up to the 26xxx range matching the Canary Channel.

Microsoft say this is only a temporary position and so if you want to move a device from the Canary Channel to the Dev Channel now is a good to do so. A some point of the future Canary builds will jump up to a higher build number. So for now the Dev channel has the same features as the Canary Channel.

UPDATE: Here is my hands on video


Build 26052 Changes

Lets look at what’s new:

Windows 11 24H2

The Windows version is now displayed as 24H2 which will be main update to Windows 11 later this year.


The main change with this build is the new SUDO command. Sudo for Windows has been added to this build so you can run elevated command prompts without having to launch in a new Windows. You can read all about SUDO on Microsoft’s blog post.


There is now a way to test the difference between Default and Communication mode audio. This new utility is in the microphone properties via Settings > System > Sound. You can select the mode and record/listen to audio in both modes, allowing you to easily compare audio processing modes for applications built for the Windows ecosystem

Windows Mixed Reality

Windows Mixed Reality has been removed and is no longer supported.

Copilot for Windows

There is a new feature in Copilot, when you copy text or images to the clipboard you get context sensitive actions to help with frequent tasks.

Other changes

  • Taskbar & System Tray:
    • Updated the energy saver icon for desktop PCs.
    • Different energy saver icons for desktop PCs and laptops.
  • Bluetooth:
    • Modified Bluetooth device discovery to show all devices by default, with an option to display uncommon ones.
  • Graphics:
    • Introduced a new Color Management settings page under Display settings.
    • Users can add/remove color profiles and set default profiles for connected displays.
  • Registry Editor:
    • Added the ability to limit searches to the currently selected key and its descendants.
  • Developer APIs:
    • Introduced Power Grid Forecast API for developers to optimize app behavior based on renewable energy availability.
  • Security:
    • Developers can use the Cryptography API for virtualization-based security of Windows keys.
  • Settings:
    • Added the option to set up Windows protected print mode under Bluetooth & devices > Printers & scanners.
    • Moved the Wi-Fi password display option to the top of the Wi-Fi properties page.
  • Other:
    • Adjusted the notification for slow charger detection.
    • Camera app can now be used to join Wi-Fi networks by scanning QR codes.

Fixes and known issues

Fixes for known issues

  • We fixed the issue where in some multi-monitor configurations, a display would appear as frozen in Build 26040.
  • Fixed a DWM issue in Build 26040 causing some rendering issues.
  • Fixed an issue causing Build 26040 flight to fail to install for some Insiders with error code 0x80188306.
  • Fixed an issue causing the print queue to not open in recent Canary Channel flights.
  • Did some more work to help improve the launch performance of File Explorer.
  • Fixed multiple crashes impacting system tray and its flyouts.
  • The volume slider in quick settings will now make a sound when adjusted again.
  • When using the save dialog, if you try to save a file to Gallery in File Explorer, it will now save to your Pictures library rather than showing an error.

Known issues


  • [IMPORTANT NOTE FOR GAMERS – UPDATED!] Some popular games may not work correctly and cause a bugcheck (green screen) when launched on the most recent Insider Preview builds in the Canary Channel. Please be sure to submit feedback in Feedback Hub on any issues you see with playing games on these builds.
  • Content in some video streaming apps from the Microsoft Store may not play. As a workaround, try streaming from a browser.
  • [NEW] We’re working on the fix for an issue causing an increase in Insiders experiencing black screens starting with Build 26040 (including when waking your PC from sleep). If you encounter this, pressing WIN + CTRL + Shift + B may resolve it.


  • Keyboard navigation from settings subpages back to the top-level Settings page is broken.

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