Welcome to my latest sound collection for the Korg Modwave! This is a compilation of free performances and programs inspired by the legendary 1970s ARP synthesizers. The collection features sounds based on the classic ARP Odyssey, ARP Pro Soloist, ARP 2600, and, stretching it slightly, the ARP String Ensemble (which is a rebadged Solina String Ensemble).

I’ve crafted these sounds by ear on the Modwave, listening to examples of the classic synths and matching some of the sounds from the Korg ARP Odyssey virtual instrument.

In the collection, you’ll find some of the classic presets from the ARP Pro Soloist, including sounds used by Tony Banks of Genesis on iconic tracks like “Cinema Show” and “In the Cage.” There are lead sounds, basses, pads, and synth strings.

These sounds make use of multiple filter types, wavetables, samples, effects, and the Motion Sequencer. There are 49 performances and programs to play with, and in this video, I demonstrate some sounds and explain how I created them. Hopefully, this helps with your own sound design.

The sounds are a free download and you can install them by unzipping the file and importing via the Modwave Libraian software or directly into the Modwave Native.

These sounds work with the Modwave, Modwave Native, Modwave mkII and Modwave Rack.

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