Synthfest UK 23 was absolutely packed with synthesizers and music technology, and throughout the day, I encountered fascinating equipment and met some interesting people. In this video, I’ve condensed my highlights from the day into a 20-minute video.

We begin with a quick overview of the Mellotron M4000 Mini and explore the vintage Yamaha studio of the 1980s, featuring the CX5M computer, DX5, DX100, and TX rack. Additionally, I delve into the Synclavier Regen and share some clips from the DX7 @ 40 keynote.

During the event, I had the chance to catch up with the YouTuber Oscillator Sync, where we discuss his brilliant series of synth sound design tutorials.

Join me as I showcase the best moments from Synthfest UK 23 and explore the exciting world of synthesizers and music tech!

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