This video is side two of a 1986 Yamaha DX100 cassette demo, showcasing a piece of music tech history! This predates the era of YouTube influencers, Spotify, and SoundCloud demos. Music instrument manufacturers used to create demo tapes to showcase their latest synthesizers and music tech. I ordered this tape from Music Tech magazine back in 1986, and it includes demos of the Yamaha DX100, which was the younger sibling of the 1980s classic synth, the Yamaha DX7.

Side one features demos of many of the DX100 presets, and it’s relatively sensible. On this side, there is a fake radio station called “Station DX,” complete with a fake DJ. The demo songs are totally ’80s and feature covers of tracks from Phil Collins, Tears for Fears, and Duran Duran. There is also a brilliantly ’80s cover of the Star Wars main theme. All the sounds are from the DX100, with the Yamaha RX15 handling drum duties. I have to say, I never got my DX100 to sound like this!

So, sit back and get taken back to the ’80s!

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