In this comprehensive tutorial, we’ll embark on a journey through the world of sound design with the incredible Korg Modwave. I’m excited to share with you a few sets of free sound presets for the Korg Modwave, and in this video, we’ll dive deep into using the dual oscillators with wavetables and harnessing the power of modulation routing to craft rich and unique sounds.

This tutorial applies to the hardware Korg Modave and the Korg Modwave Native plugin.

In Part 2 of this series, we’ll take things to the next level as we explore how to import your own wavetables, work with samples, and delve into more advanced filter functions.


Download the custom patches featured in this video from:

Music Tech Downloads –

1:20 Example sounds

2:00 Starting with oscillators

4:15 Waveforms and wavetables

8:30 Modifying waves

12:20 Using envelopes to modify wave positions

13:35 Using LFOs

17:49 Blending waves

19:38 Sub / Noise

21:00 Programs and Performances

22:00 Detuning

23:25 Filter basics

26:52 Random blends

31:05 Amp key track

32:00 Controlling with Kaoss

33:20 Effects

35:20 Recreating the DW8000 on the Modwave

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