On Friday Microsoft released Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22621.2050 and 22631.2050 for Windows Insiders on the beta channel. KB5028256 takes the builds to 22621.2050 (no features) and 22631.2050 (with features). This release includes many features previously in test on the dev channel including some only first show last week.

The update includes the new File Explorer with an updated address bar and search box, as well as an update Recommended, favourites and recent section. There is also a modernized details pane in File Explorer (ALT + Shift + P).

Added with this build is Dynamic Lighting which enables control of RGB devices via Windows. There is a standard API to control RGB keyboards and devices. I am looking forward to giving this a try.

Another improvement is with Windows Ink. You can now write directly into edit fields in Windows:

The volume mixer in Windows has been improved with quick access to audio settings and a new shortcut WIN + CTRL + V.

Microsoft have also updated Windows Spotlight to including preview to include images full screen, multiple opportunities to learn more about each image and a minimized experience

There are improvements to sharing in Windows, this feature was available to Windows Insiders on the dev channel last week:

  • We have redesigned the Windows share window to better match the Windows 11 design principles.
  • Everyone will now be able to email their files through Outlook directly within the Windows share window. Just click on the Outlook icon under the “Share using” section of the Windows share window.
  • The Windows share window now has a search box so you can now search for contacts across Outlook to share a file and the Windows share window will now display 8-10 suggested contacts to quickly share to – including emailing yourself a file.
  • Instead of a dropdown, you will see a button to turn on nearby sharing.
  • For nearby sharing, you will find your own PCs at the top of discovered devices under “Nearby Share”.
  • Files will share faster from one PC to another using Wi-Fi Direct.

There are also Unsafe password copy and paste warnings and improvements to password less sign in.

Checkout Microsoft’s blog post for the complete list.


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