If you are like me and have too many synths, you will soon run out of inputs on your mixer. I didn’t want to buy another larger mixer so instead I picked up a sub mixer.

The ALLWIN 4 channel stereo sub mixer is a USB-C powered mixer with 4 stereo (or switchable to mono) and a stereo/mono output. There are level controls for each channel and master output, it has metal housing and RGB lights on the controls. It feels well made so it should stand up to a few knocks on the road.

The inputs are ¼ inch TRS or TS jacks depending on whether you want mono or stereo inputs. I used TRS to dual TS cables to connect the stereo outputs of my synths to the mixer and then the same type of cable to connect the sub mixer to my main mixer.

The mixer didn’t introduce any noise or distortion, even when powering it from a laptop USB port. There are signal lights on each channel so you can see the input and output levels. Overall, it does the exact job I need. It’s small and lightweight and now it gives me an excuse to buy more music equipment!

In this video I set up the mixer and test it with a couple of my synths. The mixer costs £49 on Amazon.

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