Microsoft has released a new build of Windows 11 for Windows 11 on the dev channel. Build 23471 has an update to File Explorer and lock screen changes.

File Explorer Improvements

There is a new Add Phone Photos button in File Explorer which enables you to add your phones photos to the Gallery in File Explorer. Clicking the button launches a QR code that you can use on your phone to link it to the PC.

File Explorer also has the ability to tear out and merge tabs. As well as the Gallery view is now available to all Insiders on the dev channel.

Other Changes:

The Lock screen network flyout has been updated to the Windows 11 style:

Here are the other fixes and known issues with the build:


[File Explorer]

  • Fixed an issue where pressing Shift + F10 wasn’t opening the context menu in File Explorer.
  • Fixed an issue where access keys appeared inconsistently if no button was pressed.

We fixed the following issues for Insiders previewing the Windows App SDK version of File Explorer

  • Fixed an issue that was causing explorer.exe to crash when opening the context menu for some Insiders. This same issue is believed to be the cause of some Insiders seeing an older design instead of the updated one.

We fixed the following issues for Insiders with Gallery in File Explorer:

  • Fixed an explorer.exe crash in the last flight related to loading/interacting with the scrollbar in Gallery.
  • Fixed an issue where Gallery may require clicking twice on the node in the navigation pane for initial load.
  • Fixed an issue where minimizing and reopening File Explorer would lose your scroll position in Gallery.
  • Hovering your mouse over pictures in Gallery should now show a tooltip with information about the picture.
  • Live updates (including filtering) are now enabled and no longer require using the Refresh button manually.
  • Fixed an issue where some file types (e.g., .heic) were not rendered correctly or performantly.

We fixed the following issues for Insiders with the modernized details pane in File Explorer:

  • Made the background for thumbnails a little lighter in light mode so it doesn’t stand out as much.
  • If you have Narrator running when you open the details pane, it should now announce the file name.
  • If the setting to show file name extensions has been enabled, that will now be reflected in the details pane too.


  • Fixed an issue that was causing the taskbar to get cut off when switching to and from the tablet-optimized taskbar.

[Search on the Taskbar]

  • We have fixed the issue causing Insiders to see an empty tooltip displayed momentarily in certain cases including while the gleam is hovered if the new hover behavior for the search box and search highlight gleam is enabled.


  • Fixed an issue where Narrator with Braille support wasn’t reading numbered lists correctly in Microsoft 365 apps.

NOTE: Some fixes noted here in Insider Preview builds from the Dev Channel may make their way into the servicing updates for the released version of Windows 11.

Known issues

[Dev Drive]

  • On a reboot, additional filters beyond AV might be attached to your Dev Drive. To check what filters are attached, please run ‘fsutil devdrv query :’ in Windows PowerShell. If you are seeing more than your AV filters, you can run ‘fsutil volume dismount :’ and then ‘fsutil devdrv query :’. After those steps, you should only see your AV filters.
  • There might be variable performance on different hardware. If you notice slower performance on your machine, please file feedback!

[Search on the Taskbar]

  • [NEW] Navigating the search flyout on the taskbar with the keyboard arrow keys will not work as expected.
  • Narrator customers may not be able to navigate down the left side panel of the search flyout.
  • Text scaling may not work in the search flyout.

[File Explorer]

  • Insiders may experience a File Explorer crash when dragging the scroll bar or attempting to close the window during an extended file-loading process.

Insiders who have Gallery in File Explorer will see the following issues:

  • Thumbnail loading performance for dehydrated cloud files and memory usage in large collections are known issues we are focused on improving. Please capture Performance traces in Feedback Hub for any performance-related issues. Rebuilding your Indexer can help if thumbnails are missing for cloud files; Search for “Indexing Options” and look in Advanced settings to find the rebuild tool.

Insiders will have issues with the following commands on recommended files in File Explorer:

  • Clicking on the Share command will currently bring up the Windows share sheet (non-OneDrive).

[Taskbar & System Tray]

  • The taskbar may not show the correct apps if you’re using multiple desktops.


  • The copy button for quickly copying two-factor authentication (2FA) codes in notification toasts (first introduced in Build 23403) is currently not working in this build. A fix is coming in a future flight.

[Backup and Restore]

  • Backups of a PC that was set up using a restore may not show up in subsequent restores.
  • Restore of solid color desktop backgrounds are not yet supported.


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