Microsoft are about to release the next feature update to Windows 11. The Moment 3 update features improvements to the widget boards, new settings, and improvements to the Taskbar. As with recent Windows 11 updates this is a small update delivered via a monthly Windows update rather than the large 4GB update we have had in the past.


The widgets board has been updated. The board is now split with your main widgets on the right side and the news feed on the left side. This makes it easier to see the important widgets in one place. There is also an improved Widget picker and there are also new widgets from Facebook available.


There are some improvements to the Taskbar with this update:

  • VPN status icon in the system tray showing if there is an active connection.
  • The option to show seconds in the system tray.
  • Copy button to copy two-factor authentication (2FA) codes from email notifications.
  • Bing AI button the search box
  • Animated Taskbar weather icons

File Explorer

File Explorer now has access key shortcuts in the context menus. Use the menu key on the keyboard and it will show the quick access keys.


  • Settings now shows the storage capacity of your OneDrive subscription.
  • There is a new setting to enable how touch keyboard behaves when a physical keyboard is connected.
  • USB4 setting pages for viewing USB4 peripherals and devices.
  • Additional setting to download updates and not wait for Patch Tuesday.
  • A new Presence Sensor privacy setting.

Also, the performance of search in settings has been improved.

Task Manager

Task Manager has a new live Kernal dump feature for developers.


Voice access has an improved in-app help page along with additional languages:

  • Chinese (Simplified and Traditional)
  • French (France, Canada)
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Portuguese (Brazil, Portugal)
  • Spanish
  • Danish
  • English (Ireland, other English dialects)
  • Korean

When will you get the Moment 3 update? It will ship in late May or early June via Windows Update.

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