The old classic Yamaha FM synths like the legendary DX7 are not exactly known for being easy to program, but the classic 80s sound makes them worth keeping alive. In this video I try out a Windows tool for managing your old FM synths called DX Manager. The applications support FM synths like the DX7, DX5, DX100, DX27 and my own little favourite the TX7.

From the app you can manage your pre-sets and real time edit the sounds on the DX which is especially great for a device like the TX7 which has no editing controls on it at all. It brings in that real time control we love on analogue synths to the DX. It works with 6 operator and 4 operator synths as well as later generation FM devices like the TX817 and mk2 DX. There are also versions for Yamaha’s SY synths. There are some handy features like an on-screen midi keyboard, midi file player and midi monitor.

There is a free trial version available and the full version costs $20. In the video I look at managing patches and real time editing with the app using my Yamaha DX100, fine about more at FM-Alive for Classic Yamaha Synthesisers

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