If you are making videos with your smart phone and tried of holding your phone at arm’s length to get the perfect shot, then a Zhiyun Smooth XS gimble could be for you. The pocket size gimbal can be extended out (260mm) and holds the phone perfectly balanced ay whatever angle you hold it.

The XS has some useful features. Controls on the handle enable you to start and stop recording, you can press a button on the controller to switch between portrait and landscape mode and a four-way controller that can change the angle of the camera on the gimbal. The device can be charged up via the supplied USB-C cable which should last just over 5 hours.

To get the most out of the gimbal you need the free ZY Cami app which has options for gesture control so you can start the recording without having to touch the phone. There are also slow motion, time lapse and other mode for taking pictures and videos, there is also an option to track subjects for automatic panning. There seems to a lot more features on the app that I haven’t delved into yet so I will need to spend some time with it. You do not have to use the ZY Cami app, I used my phones app without any issues.

Also with the gimbal is a desktop stand, USB-C charging cable and travel bag. The device is easy to use, has a comfortable grip and costs £64 from Amazon. I need to spend some time with it and see what kind of videos I can do with it and I will post them so you can how well it works.

Here is my video of the Zhiyun Smooth XS Smart Phone Gimbal and a video I record on my phone using the Gimbal.

A demo I made with the Zhiyun Smooth XS Smart Phone Gimbal

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