In this video I look at the new TONOR 12 inch right light kit. The kit comprises of a 12″ USB powered light, a fully adjustable metal tripod, a phone holder and a Bluetooth remote shutter. The tripod extends up to 1.35 meters and has a mount for a DLSR, the light ring and the supplied phone mount. The idea behind the kit is to enable you to have your phone setup with the lighting ring for video calls or creating videos and your videos look brighter and clearer. It also comes with a Bluetooth remote for triggering your phone. A nice feature is the is the adjustable brightness and warmth control, so you can have a warm or pure while light depending on the mood you want to set.

As you can see in the video the light ring works great when recording videos, the tripod is very sturdy and made from aluminium and the phone holder grips the phone well. All in all, a great kit for anyone creating videos at home or wanting to look good on video calls. The kit costs £49.99 from Amazon.

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