When you are creating passwords for web site you do not want to be using the same password for all your services. If one service gets compromised and your password leaked, you would then have to go around changing all your passwords. This is where Password Managers come in and Microsoft Edge has one built in.

Microsoft Edge will create strong passwords for you and then save it across your devices. This way you can have a strong (which means secure) password they you don’t need to remember. It works with Microsoft on Window and on mobile devices.

How to use Microsoft Edge to create and manage safe passwords

Its really simple to get started. First make sure you are signed into Microsoft Edge with Microsoft account. Then go to Settings, Profile and then Passwords:

Then make sure you have Suggest strong passwords set to on.

Once you have the option on you can right click on the password field and let Edge create and store a password for you. The password and usernames are saved with your Microsoft profile across devices.

In this video I show you step by step how to enable Microsoft Edge to create and store your passwords.

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