The Vauxhall Corsa is among the most popular cars ever built. Just a few years ago, it was crowned the most popular car in Europe, having adapted nimbly to changing emissions regulations. The newest Corsa boasts a range of technologies that’ll help to make it functional, desirable and economical. Let’s look at a few of them.

Adaptive Cruise Control

This technology uses cameras to sense the distance of the car in front and maintain it. It’s a safety feature, but it’s also one that’ll ease congestion and optimise your driving style for fuel consumption. If you’re stuck in a traffic jam, you won’t need to worry about stopping and starting.

Rear-view Camera

Being able to see behind you is an absolute godsend when you’re trying to reverse into a tricky spot. No longer will you have to crane your neck to see where you’re going; instead, just look at the camera. Be aware, however, that you’ll need to check your entire surroundings, as the camera won’t see everything.

LED Matrix Headlights

IntelliLux is the name given to the matrix headlights, here. Powered not by a single bulb but by loads of them crammed into the same housing, this will illuminate the road in front of you intelligently, adapting to the conditions. Included here is full beam assist, which will toggle your full-beams intelligently depending on whether there’s someone coming in the other direction. You’ll never inadvertently dazzle anyone again, or so goes the theory.

Larger Touchscreen

Infotainment systems are getting more and more sophisticated. This time, you’ll get a seven-inch colour screen which links seamlessly with Apple or Android phones. Through voice commands, you’ll be able to interact with the system while keeping your eyes firmly on the road. Bluetooth streaming comes as standard, and there’s a powerful satnav system built-in, meaning that you won’t have to mess around with the maps app on your phone.

Massaging Seats

Heated seats are one thing – but massaging seats are what really makes the difference on a long drive. Built-in vibration will allow you to loosen up, which can be invaluable when you’re driving all day.

Heated Steering Wheel

When it’s cold outside, it’s your hands that will suffer the effects. They’ll get stiff, which is no good when you need them to perform complex tasks like driving a car. A heated steering wheel allows you to heat them up as rapidly as possible.

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