How to Recognize a Bot on the Dating Site

When registering in the app or on a dating site, you are preparing for the worst in advance — very few likes, lots of mercantile young ladies, scammers, and fakes. You are afraid that you will come across not very decent and honest people. What if… you come across people who aren’t people at all?

What Is It All About?

Chatbots are special-purpose computer programs. They are intended to send outgoing messages and respond promptly to incoming ones. They are available on many sites and often perform very useful functions. But despite all the usefulness of bots and the ability to save time on sending messages, many sites, especially the Ladadate dating site, still can boast of the absence of such bots.


There are two types of bots: “good” bots are available on many major sites — they help users find the necessary information, leave a request, etc. “Bad” bots operate on dating sites, extorting money and personal information from you. Sometimes they ask dubious questions bluntly. But some bots are more sophisticated — they send links to questionable content.

Signs That You Are Communicating With a Bot

Let’s consider the signs which can help you to find out that your attractive interlocutor is actually not made of flesh and blood, but of smart code.

  • What’s the Point?

They answered you, but the message doesn’t make any sense, as if the other person didn’t read your question at all. If the answers are too often out of a situation, there is a high risk that you are communicating with the bot. Another signal — the bot suddenly writes you something like “I want a hug”, “I’m so lonely”, etc., although you were interested in their opinion about the movie.

  • Non-individual Approach

If you think that the other person answers you with general impersonal phrases, and the conversation seems to be moving according to a certain scenario, congratulations! It just acts according to the script.

  • Identical Message

Have you just received the same message twice? This is either a low-level bot programmed to send certain messages or a bot that reads the same keyword in two of your different messages and thinks they deserve exactly the same response.

  • Financial Information

Some scam bots are programmed to send scripted messages asking for money (or other financial information) after a user shows interest in their profile. Remember: even if it is not a bot, any user who asks you for money or personal data is a fraud!

What to Do in Such a Situation?

Red alert — you have noticed too many strange things in the behavior of your interlocutor. It’s time to subject them to a bot check:

  • Ask difficult and strange questions (“Can I put an elephant in my backpack?”);
  • Write “Hmm” — bots don’t know how to respond to interjections. They’ll try to bluff it out: “Tell me more”;
  • Write a random set of letters and watch the reaction;
  • Use sarcasm.

May you receive likes, swipes, and matches from real people who are more interesting to communicate with than bots!

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