If you’re finding yourself using VR at the moment the good news is that Microsoft continue to improve the SteamVR integration. In the latest update of Windows Mixed Reality for SteamVR Microsoft have fixed issues with controller haptics, fixes crashes with Nvidia drivers and improves the display with games like Half-Life:Alyx.

The addin updates via the Steam app.

Windows Mixed Reality for SteamVR has been updated to version 1.1.192. This build contains the following changes:

Resolved an issue where controller haptics might not activate.

Resolved a crash that might occur on some Nvidia driver versions.

Reduced a source of blurriness for titles that use dynamic resolution, such as Half-Life: Alyx and the SteamVR Home.

Added a new dynamic resolution indicator: shows the maximum requested application size (gray) and the size of the current frame (blue).


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