Windows 10 has two set of security configurations for networks: public and private. What is the difference and how do you change it? In this post and video I explain the differences and how you can switch between them on a wired or wireless connection in Windows 10.

Windows 10 Private Network

A private network is for when your PC is on network that is your home or a private office where you know what devices are on the network and who is using them. So that would be your PC, your phones and maybe Xbox and your family devices.

When Windows on a private network it enables things like printer sharing, the ability to browse the network for other PCs, media servers wireless speakers.

Windows 10 Public Network

Public networks are places like cafe Wi-Fi and airport Wi-Fi. You don’t know what devices are on the network or who is using them. So you don’t want your PC open for anyone to scan and try and access. In the background Windows 10 turns on the Windows firewall and stops other machines access your device..

Switch from Public to Private

Depending on whether you are on a LAN or Wi-Fi the setting are in two locations.

Go to Settings and then Network

If you are on a wired connect click on the Ethernet and then click on your network adapter.

You can then switch between public and private.

For wifi you click on WiFi on the left hand side and then click on your Wifi network adapter.

In this video I show you how to switch between Public and Private in Windows 10 for wired and wireless networks:

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