With the lack of new Windows Mixed Reality headsets and Microsoft seemingly focusing on Hololens 2, many users of Windows Mixed Reality headsets have been concerned that Microsoft are abandoning the platform.

The good news is that there is a glimmer of hope as Microsoft are asking Windows Insiders for feedback on Windows Mixed Reality usage. Last week Microsoft sent out a survey request to Windows Insiders that use Windows Mixed Reality. The first thing I noticed is that the headsets are now classed as Windows Mixed Reality VR headsets, they used to be called Windows Mixed Reality Headsets, a small change but its the first time I have seen Microsoft call the VR headsetd. The survey asks about when you last used your headset, which other VR headsets you own and your usage of VR.

There are also many questions about Microsoft Edge usage in the Cliff House and Skyloft, asking if you use it and the way you work with the app in the VR environment. It also asks about usage of other 2D and 3D apps in the Cliff House and Skyloft.

It is good to see Microsoft asking users questions about Windows Mixed Reality and I hope it points to more development coming from the team. I also wonder if we could get another generation of hardware?

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