A very handy feature in Windows 10 is the ability to stream the display from one PC to another or even to a Miracast enabled device like a TV. The app you use to be able to view another PCs screen is called Connect and it is built into Windows 10. With the Windows 20H1 Update Microsoft have not included the Connect app as part of the initial setup so you cannot use Miracast. Fortunately, there is a quick way of enabling it.

To enable Connect go to Settings / Apps & features / Optional features (or type Optional features into the search box on the start menu).

Click on the Add a feature button

Scroll down the list and select Wireless Display, then click on Install.

All you need to do is reboot and you should then have the Connect app installed.

Projecting your PC to another PC

  1. To project your PC to another PC. First on the host PC run the newly installed Connect app.
  2. Then go to the PC you want to stream from and click on Action Center.
  3. Click on the Connect button and you should see a list of available PCs, one of them being the PC you have run the Connect app on.

Once you select PC you should see your guest PC on your other machine. If you tick the Allow Mouse and keyboard option you will be able to control the remote keyboard and mouse.

That’s it! You can have the display in a window or go full screen.

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