Modern UWP apps (available from the Microsoft Store) work great in Windows Mixed Reality, you can place them anywhere in the Cliff House (the virtual environment) resize them and interact with them via the motion controllers. So while it’s great for apps like Netflix, Skype and Microsoft Edge what about old Win32 apps?

You can run old apps in Windows Mixed Reality via the desktop app. You can find it in all apps list when you hit the Windows key on the controllers and then you can place and resize it wherever you want. Using the motion controllers you can interact with the desktop and any Windows programs just as if you were using the mouse. Windows even knowns when an input box is selected and brings up the immersive virtual keyboard. You can walk up to the desktop if you need to get a closer look.

It works well and while it’s not as good as having a modern app it still gives you chance to use the old desktop apps. Here is the desktop in action:

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