Windows 10 is a continually updated service with frequent updates and even more so if you are in the Windows Insider Program receiving test builds. This is great as it keeps your system up to date but from time to time Windows Update can go wrong. Recently when trying to install the latest Windows Insider build my test machine wouldn’t install the update, it just came up with an error code (0x800705b4). Last year I wrote an article showing how to fix errors like this which involved stopping servers and deleting folders, but with the Window 10 Creators Update there is now a built in tool to help with update issues. If don’t have the Creators Update and are having trouble with Windows Update checkout my post from last year.

The troubleshooting tool can be found in Settings / Update & security and then select the Troubleshoot option.

On the Troubleshoot page there is a Windows Update option.

Click on the Windows Update button and select “Run the troubleshooter”

Next select the “Try troubleshooting as an administrator” button (you need to have admin rights to be able to do this).

It then start looking for issues with Windows Update

The troubleshooting tool looks for problems and the will try and fix detected issue

Click “Apply this fix” and it will apply the fix.

The troubleshooting tool may also offer to repair the Windows Update database, if it does click on Apply this fix

When the tool has finished it will show a summary of the fixes applied.

Click on the “Close this troubleshooter” button and you are done. I normally restart my PC after this last step.

Windows Update should now work correctly and you should be able to receive updates.

If you have an older version of Windows 10 and are having problems with Windows Update try following my guide from last year.
Here is my video guide on how to fix Windows Update:

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