Crowdfunded NexDock created quite a buzz last year with their barebones laptop, providing a keyboard and screen for devices such as a Raspberry Pi or Windows Phone (with Continuum).

As reviewed on this site (NexDock with Windows Phone Continuum, NexDock and Raspberry Pi) the final shipping product had a few flaws but offered an intriguing vision into what Continuum could have been and might yet be, while also being a great home for a Raspberry Pi.

This week, NexDock took the next logical step and with the announcement of a docking unit to supported Intel’s Compute Card.

Intel’s Compute Card is a fully featured computer, with onboard memory, CPU (up to a 7th generation Core vPro) and GPU, and is only slightly larger than a credit card.

NexDock promises that the next generation laptop will have as a minimum a HD display and a USB-C port, and will continue to support Windows Continuum and the Raspberry Pi.

The ability to upgrade a laptop simply by changing out the Compute card offers some intriguing possibilities, and with the crowdfunding campaign due to start with the Intel’s Compute Card launch in mid-2017, this is one to watch.

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