Remember the DVD player app that Microsoft released with Windows 10 to replace the DVD features for Windows Media Center in Windows 8.1? The £11.59 app is a little on the basic side but it works ok and Microsoft have updated the app for Windows Insiders on the fast ring. The update adds a couple of new features to the app. You no longer have to tell the app to read the disc if you have the app open and the app has been remodelled to look more like the Windows 10 Movies and TV app.

I expect the app will roll out to non-Windows Insiders in the near future.

Here are the full list of changes:

Hello, Insiders! We are sending an update for the Windows DVD Player app to the Store today. This update will be available to Windows Insiders on the Fast ring who purchased the app through the Store. It includes fixes which address a lot of the feedback you’ve provided. We are planning to continue to update the app so please keep the feedback coming so that we can get this update out to production and plan for future updates.

In this update:

Now when you insert a DVD into the drive while the app is running, it will automatically read the DVD. No longer do you have to manually tell the app to look for a disc in the drive.

Playback bar is simpler and more polished so that it’s easier to use.

Less used actions are now hidden under the “…” menu

The closed caption button is included in the playback bar

The look and feel is modeled after the Movies & TV app

Playback bar is now disabled when there is no DVD in the drive.

If your DVD drive region does not match the region set in Windows, the app will prompt you to change the region of your DVD drive to continue.

Basic keyboard interactions are now supported: double-clicking on the video will go full screen, escape will exit full screen, spacebar will pause/play.

We improved the keyboard navigation and made Narrator strings clearer.

If you have the N SKU of Windows installed, the app will recognize the lack of Media Foundation Package and prompt you to install it.

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