Microsoft have announced a new brand new device coming to the Surface range, their first All-In-One PC. It’s a high end device with an i7 processor, 2TB storage, 28 inch display running at 4.5K, 192 PPI, it has pen, touch and a new controller called the Surface Dial. One thing I don’t think it has is a Thunderbolt 3 port which is a shame as it really adds to the expansion options especially for video studios.

It will drop down flat and you can use the Surface Dial device and place it on the screen as an input device very much like a hardware version of the on-screen dial controls. The nice thing about the Surface Dial is that it will work with the Surface Pro ¾ and Surface Book.

It certainly looks like the best all-in-one on the market, it’s probably not a device for everyone as it’s really for design professionals but it looks a great device. The i5 version costs $29999 and the top end version is $4199, available to pre-order now in the US and the release date is December 15th.

Microsoft have also announced a new high end Surface Book designed for high performance needs. The new Surface is i7 based and has double the performance of the current gen Surface Book, it now has 16 hours of batter life. It ships in November and for $2399 and available for pre-order now.

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