With rumours that the iPhone 7 may drop the headphone port when you buy a pair of headphones you can future proof by going with a Bluetooth headset. There are many on the market, some budget (like the set I recently reviewed), some very expensive and then the mid-priced Flex Arc which are not expensive ($79/£69.99) but pack a great sound.

The Flex Arc are Bluetooth headphones with retractable earbuds connected via a lightweight band. You can use the headset for listening to music and you can use it to take phone calls via your phone. The headset should work with iOS, Android, Windows 10 Mobile and other devices that support Bluetooth. I tested the headset with Lumia 950 XL and Nexus 6P.

The most important thing is the sound and this is where I was really impressed with the Flex Arc. There is plenty of volume and lots of bass, the sound reproduction is excellent and you can really tell the difference between this and cheap headsets. I found that with the headset on I couldn’t hear anything else going on, they are not noise cancelling headphones but due to the earbud design and volume the sound is really immersive. The headband and earbud design makes it really comfortable, the earbuds are on retractable cords from the band so you can position them however suits you.

Other features include transport controls so you can go to the previous on next track and play /pause the music. They also have speakers built it as well so you can use them for listening to music without putting headphones on, which I am not sure how often I would use this feature. Another nice feature is that they vibrate when a call comes in. I found I got around 6 hours of music playback between charges and it takes a couple of hours to charge up again.

For £69.99 they are good value for the comfort and sound quality.

In this video I take a look at the headset, show off some of the features and talk about the sound.

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