There was a time when I used an iPad and shunned my chunky slow Windows laptop but the Windows ecosystem has come a long way and now we have small and light Windows 10 tablets like the Lenovo ThinkPad 10. The tablet has a 10.1 inch screen and is a little chunkier than an iPad 2. It weights 597g and has 1920×1200 IPS screen.

The tablet feels very nice to hold with a soft touch plastic back and rounded edges. There is a Windows key on the bottom of the screen with a power button up on the top right along with a rotation lock button, there is also a volume rocker on the right hand side. For connectivity there is power (looks like a non-standard connector), Mirco-HDMI, full size USB 2 port, SD card slot and a keyboard connector at the bottom more on that later.

In terms in specs it has an Intel Atom Z3795 processor, 2GB RAM and a 64GB solid state drive. There is a 12.MP front camera and a 5MP rear camera with flash which not something you see often on a Windows tablet. While the specs are pretty basic for task like browsing the web or using Facebook the tablet works really well, Windows is fast and responsive and games like Minecraft work well. I noticed that unlike some other tablets I have reviewed it doesn’t get hot when playing games on it.

Battery life is extremely impressive, I was getting around 8 hours between charges with light web browsing and the screen brightness set to 50% which is much better than some of the competitor tablets I have reviewed recently.

The screen is nice and bright and works well even in bright lights, the 1920×1200 resolution works very well with Windows 10. The volume and sound quality are a little disappointing, the sound is rather tinny but I can live with that its small size.

The ThinkPad 10 also has a keyboard which can turn it in to a full laptop. The keyboard is weighted so the tablet doesn’t topple over when you press on the touch screen and the keys are surprisingly productive to type on. The keyboard clips in so you can use it as a laptop or clip it down in the style of a closed laptop which protects the screen while traveling with the tablet. While keyboard is surprisingly good the track pad is less effective and very clunky.

The price for the model I reviewed is £400 (on Amazon) and this price puts it into the range of the Surface 3 or an ASUS Transformer Book. The Surface 3 is probably a bit more elegant a design but the Lenovo probably feels more business-like.

I should mention that the ThinkPad was supplied to me by Microsoft and it was clean of Crapware or any unwanted software which is a welcome change.

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