One of the new features introduced in the November Update of Windows 10 is DLNA/UPnP streaming from Microsoft Edge web browser. This features enables you to stream music, podcasts, pictures and videos from the browser to a Miracast, DLNA or UPnP enabled device. That means devices like smart TVs, Xbox One, Windows Media Player and any other DLNA device.

Here is how to do it:

Before you start you need to make sure your PC and the device you want to stream to are both on the same network.

  1. First open the web page In Microsoft Edge containing the content you want to stream. It can be pictures, audio or video.
  2. From Microsoft Edge click on the menu button (…) and select “Cast media to device”

  1. It then scans your network for compatible players and lists them in the window

  1. Click on the device you want to stream to.
  2. The media should then be playing on the DLNA receiver and the playback stops on the Windows 10 PC

When you close the Microsoft Edge Browser tab it will stop playing on the remote device (unlike Chromecast). I should say it doesn’t work with protected content like Netflix but it worked with YouTube, the new BBC Store, Groove Music and other web sites.

It is a very handy feature which is part of the new Windows 10 Fall Update. In this video I show you how it works:

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  1. Hi Ian, seems like this feature was lost in the change of Edge to the Chromium-based version. Now only chromecast devices are discovered.
    Perhaps a quick update to this page would prevent sending some people down a rabbit hole.

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