When traveling it is always a pain having to bring multiple devices chargers with you especially if you are going to a place that you need travel adapter plugs. The solution to this is a handy little device I have been reviewing from iClever, a 6 port travel charger.

The charger plugs into the mains (100-240v) and has 6 USB port on it for charging phones, tablets, smart watching or anything else they using USB for charging. The nice thing about this device is that it has 6 USB ports rated at 2.4 amps (with a maximum of 10amp) , this means you can charge up six devices heavy duty devices (like iPads and Windows tablets) at once. I have reviewed devices in the past that only have a couple of 2 amp ports and rest are 1 amp so this device has a definite advantage over the others. It also has something iClever call SmartID technology which detects the required output for the device preventing items being overloaded.

As you will see in the video I tried charging up an iPad Mini, two Windows tablets, Microsoft Band and a couple of phones all at once. The charge time for the devices seemed to be about the same as plugging them in to separate chargers. A very handy device to have at home or take with you on your travels. It costs around £19.99 from Amazon.

Havie a look at the video you can see the device in action.

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