One of the great thing about the Microsoft Band is that it doesn’t tie you to one mobile platform. The app that handles data syncing between the Band and the Internet is Microsoft’s Health app which is available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Last month Microsoft released an SDK for developers to create new apps for the Microsoft Band that run on Windows Phone and Android (with iOS support added yesterday), the apps can access the sensors on the Band and customise things like the background image and tiles.

Windows Phone developers have been busy creating app for the Band but what about Android? The good news is we are starting to see 3rd party apps coming for Microsoft’s Band. There are the apps available for Android:

Microsoft Health

Despite the app being called Microsoft Health it is actually a dedicated app for managing and syncing your Microsoft Band. If you get a Microsoft Band you are going to need this app if your phone is running Android. The app is free from the Google Play Store but currently it is US only, that should change soon when Microsoft release the Band in the UK in April (15th).

Pimp my Band

This is a customisation app for the Band which is also available for Windows Phone (and one of my favorite Band apps). With this app you can change the background image on the Band to any picture you want. You can also set the colours palette of the Band, it can use the dominant colour or you can pick your own colour. The app is free from the Google Play Store.


Send2Band is another app that is also available for Windows Phone and is a really handy. The app enables you to send notes to the Microsoft Band from your phone. You can create notes on your phone and then send them to the Band, it could be a phone number, shopping list or anything you like. You can also use the share feature in Android to send text to the Microsoft Band. The app costs £0.86 in the Google Play Store.

Hopefully more apps will come soon, I would like to see something like Band Sensor Monitor which is a Windows Phone app that gives you real time access to your Band’s sensors.

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