The Android version of the Plex app has been updated today adding AirPlay support. With the updated app you will be able to stream content fon your Plex Server to an Apple TV or AirPlay enables devices. With Plex you can stream from your Windows server to DLNA, Chromecast and Airplay so all your based are covered.

Also in the update is an option to delete all synced content and bug fixes. The app is available from the Google Play Store.

Full change log:


 – AirPlay Support: Stream all your content to your Apple TV, or AirPlay enabled device, for free.
– Add option in settings to delete all synced content.


– Prevent connectivity loss when casting to another device.
– Correctly activate the app for entitled users running it on an Android restricted profile.
– Fix image loading from disk cache.
– Fix filter option texts being cut off.
– Use proper actionbar “close” icon at preplay screen on tablets.
– Fix notification controls when playing local photos.
– Fix crash playing image slideshow.
– Added trigger mechanisim to sign in from keyboard when the user enters a password.
– Hide ‘Email device logs’ preference when the device hasn’t any email client.
– Fix video playback issue when transition between direct play and transcoding (e.g. when switching qualities).
– Fix channel titles when returning after video playback.
– Fix iTunes channel playlist playback.
– Change text for “Already paid” dialog with information about purchases in other stores.
– Ensure that the “Experimental Player” doesn’t request transcodes which the local device can’t support.
– Fix crash when navigating Genre’s via the iTunes channel.
– Add correct navigation from audio player notification when the app has been closed.
– Fix for “Skip” and “Already Paid” dialogs sometimes crashing when app resumed in low memory conditions.
– Fix background flicker on Now Playing music screen.
– Show activation reminder right after playback has been interrupted.
– Workaround for FLAC audio issues on Galaxy S4 devices running Android 4.4.2.
– Fix bug where the app would crash very rarely after a change in the state of the video player.
– Reduce posters size on TV screen.
– Correctly show progress bar in audio player when file requires transcoding.
– Fix remote navigation/playback when controller has different access permissions than remote device.
– Fix crash when selecting “Play with..” for synced content.
– Keep correct progress for synced videos.
– Fix welcome text adjustment on small screens.
– Fix crash navigating to an artist or movie preplay while mirroring content from a controller.
– Remove overflow options menu from synced or local libraries.
– Keep correct state of the expandable panel when returning from other screen.
– Prevent swipe on playlists toolbar
– Fix correct url extraction when sharing content to Plex.
– Fix showing “Mark as watched” option on the detail screen of a synced item when the device has not network connection.

– [ATV] Better connectivity management when ATV starts. It will prevent from the need of retrying server search.
– [ATV][Fire-TV] Prevent screen saver to show when using photo viewer
– [ATV] Update watched status properly on server when watching a video.

– [Fire TV] Ensure that we use the correct title colour for settings widgets.

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