Acer have announced a new wearable band called the Leap+. The band is a fitness band with 1 inch OLED touch screen and replaceable wrist-bands. Leap+ is water proof (IPX7) and as well as tracking the steps you take it also has alarms and notifications. Acer say you can control music playback with it (something the Microsoft Band can’t do yet) and the interesting thing about it is that it supports Windows, Android and iOS.

It will be priced at €79 and will be on sale later this month. The combination of their new low cost Windows Phone and this Band could make a great alternative to the many of the expensive wearables on sale at the moment.

Press Release:

Acer Liquid Leap+ Smart activeband now with exchangeable strap and multi-OS support

Editor’s Summary:

  • OS agnostic smart wearable device, works with Android, iOS and Windows;
  • Improved ergonomic design with exchangeable colour bands
  • Richer functionalities with step, sleep and calories tracking, alarms, notifications and music control in IPX7 water-resistant body

BARCELONA, 1st March, 2015 – Acer today announced the next generation of Smart activeband products, the Acer Liquid Leap+. Standing for flexibility, the new wearable now syncs and connects with all main supported operating systems (Windows, Android, iOS) and the 1″ OLED touchscreen can be strapped to the wrist-band colour of your current mood. Life is more than the number of steps you take, the Liquid Leap+ is about action, motion, logging and flexibility.

Acer Liquid Leap+ | Acer’s first multi-OS wearable device

By developing Liquid Leap+, Acer had one thing in mind: user flexibility. This innovative wearable convinces with features aimed at keeping track of all aspects of one’s life in a small 1-inch package. There is no question that Liquid Leap+ radiates an understated elegance with its modern, minimalistic, button-free design. But its qualities go well beyond looks, the ultra-slim 1″ touch-screen is nestled in a durable exchangeable rubber wristband with a curved surface especially designed to lower body temperature by minimizing skin contact.

The Acer Liquid Leap+ is the ideal smart wearable device for active digital users who have both a need and a desire to always be connected. It becomes a fitness companion by tracking the user’s steps, running distance and calories burned. The activeband core module is a 24/7 wearable thanks to its waterproof certification (rated IPX7). Music control functions such as “play”, “pause”, “previous”, and “next song” make it easy to adapt to the tune of your choice, while notifications never let one miss an important email, calendar event or SMS.

The wearable technology in Liquid Leap+ talks to Acer Leap Manager app and your Android, Windows, or iOS smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0 low energy.

Light-weight and stylish, the Liquid Leap+ comes with a variety of colour-bands: Mineral Black, Fragrant Pink and Electric Green.

Availability & Pricing

The Acer Liquid Leap+ will be available EMEA in March with a starting price of €79.-.

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