BBC iPlayer and 4oD TV apps for iOS updated

Two of the most popular UK TV app for the iPad and iPhone have been updated today, BBC iPlayer and 4oD. The BBC’s catch up app has a new country setting so you can chose a home nation, it fixes a headphone crashing issue and a notification bug. The app is a free update from the iTunes Store.

What’s New in Version 4.6.0

You can now watch live TV for your home nation; simply choose from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland in Settings.

We’ve also fixed various bugs, so you can now:

– Unplug your headphones without the app crashing;

– Dismiss notifications while watching and it won’t cause the video to buffer.

Channel 4’s 4oD app has a new look and feel which Channel 4 say makes it easier to find your favourite shows. It looks a lot flatter than the previous version, other than that it seems very much the same. The app is free from the iTunes Store.

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