Two of the most popular UK TV app for the iPad and iPhone have been updated today, BBC iPlayer and 4oD. The BBC’s catch up app has a new country setting so you can chose a home nation, it fixes a headphone crashing issue and a notification bug. The app is a free update from the iTunes Store.

What’s New in Version 4.6.0

You can now watch live TV for your home nation; simply choose from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland in Settings.

We’ve also fixed various bugs, so you can now:

– Unplug your headphones without the app crashing;

– Dismiss notifications while watching and it won’t cause the video to buffer.

Channel 4’s 4oD app has a new look and feel which Channel 4 say makes it easier to find your favourite shows. It looks a lot flatter than the previous version, other than that it seems very much the same. The app is free from the iTunes Store.

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