Back in 2009 after Windows Media Center missed recording some of my wife’s TV shows I decided to develop a tool that would monitor the status of a Windows Media Center system. It would monitor for low disk space or missed recordings and it could alert you via Twitter, Email or a central website.

At its peak there were a few hundred users of the system and many with multiple systems. Since then the number of systems connected to central system has dropped off and the time has come to shut down the server.The local version of the tool will still work but the Windows Home Server addin will no longer work. It was fun working on the project at the time but it’s time for it to go.

Thanks to everybody that used it.

Update: The standalone version can be downloaded from here

3 thoughts on “Windows Media Center Health Monitor is closing down”
      1. If you still have the source for it, somebody could improve it, as a software dev, I would love to see the source…

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