Plex is a fantastic media server system that you install on your server and then you can use it to manage and organise your media collection. You can watch the content on a browser or apps for iOS, Android, Windows 8.1, Windows Phone, Chromecast and a ton of other devices.

The big news last week was a new Plex app for the Xbox One which is the first 3rd party media app that Microsoft have allowed on to the device. Previously there was no easy way to consume your own media on the Xbox One, there is Microsoft’s new Media Player app that will stream from a DLNA server but its basic and you don’t get a pretty UI with it.

Plex for the Xbox One has a great looking user interface that enables you to browse your collection and watch your video collection on the Xbox One. It has some nice touches like how remembers your progress in a video, so you can start watching it on your Windows Phone and then continue it on your Xbox One. For media enthusiasts with their own collection this is the ideal front end on the Xbox One. It’s simple to setup and works really well, I am pretty sure Plex users won’t need convincing of the benefits of the system.

In this video I take a look at the Plex app for the Xbox One paired up with a Plex Server running on my Vidabox LiivNAS server handling the ripping and archiving. So now I can take a DVD or Bluray put it into my Vidabox server and then a little later it is ready to watch on my Xbox One.

To get Plex on your Xbox One you need to be Plex Pass subscriber and have the Pass Pass version of the server running.

2 thoughts on “Video: Plex app running on an Xbox One”
  1. This was for me the biggest new of last week because it means there is finally a convenient way to watch ripped Blu-Ray’s from our home server on a TV with an Xbox One attached.

    That being said, you’ll notice that this first incarnation only supports video playback (not music or photos– which have been promised later).
    In addition this current version will only work with one Xbox account– which is paired up with your Plexpass. This means that if other users go to use Plex they will be unable to. I am hopeful that this validation of the Plexpass will be linked to the server in the release version of this Xbox app– which would enable any number of users to access a server that has a Plexpass attached to it.

    One other interesting Plex feature is CloudSync which syncs certain media to a service like Dropbox. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work with OneDrive– apparently because OneDrive’s APIs for third party apps still limit the file size that can be uploaded. Assuming this really is a OneDrive issue, hopefully this will be addressed in the future as well.

  2. Hi Ian,
    I suspect this is a “No”, but does Plex content show up as a way to watch when you do a bing search in the way that Netflix or amazon content does? Would be great if it did!

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