Slice – A XBMC/Raspberry Pi based Media Player Kickstarter project

The Raspberry Pi makes a great media device, since its launch I have been using my Pi as a Media Center running XBMC and had it streaming movies, music and even live TV. Earlier this year the Raspberry Pi foundation launched a new Compute Module based on the Raspberry Pi and this has inspired a new Kickstarter project.

Slice is a XBMC based media player based on the Compute Module that has an aluminium case and 25 colour LEDs and some interesting features that could make it a great media device. The device will have HDMI, on-board storage, network support and two USB ports. There is also a remote control (RF based), USB host support so you can plug the box directly into a PC and copy media over, 5.1 audio over HDMI and as it’s based on a Raspberry Pi you could install anything you want on it. While the device is based on XBMC it has a new simplified skin devices specifically for the project.

Checkout the details on the Kickstarter page, £109 will get you a preview unit and while there is plenty of competition out there it looks like it could be an interesting project.

Here are some of the features:

Plays HD video files of just about any format

Supports 3D video files

Displays photos in full HD

Plays all your music files (compressed and uncompressed)

Drag and drop files directly onto Slice by plugging it into your home PC with a single USB cable – it looks just like a USB hard disk!

Can read media files from its on board hard disk or over a network

Comes with a custom remote control that uses radio technology, meaning it works from anywhere in a room, no need to point it at the box all the time!

Can act as an Airplay receiver. Display video and play music wirelessly from your iOS device.

Can be controlled via iOS and Android devices using the free ‘XBMC Remote’ app.

Supports CEC

Supports third party IR remote controls

Has a unique LED lighting ring which is synchronised to media player actions (FFW, REW etc.) also user customisable / programmable.

2 USB ports for connecting extra devices or media (such as a USB stick, external hard drive or WiFi Dongle).

Supports high resolution audio output (stereo analogue up to 192kHz/24 bit or optical for 5.1 passthrough).

Low power (uses under 15W of power during use, less than 1W during standby).

Open and hackable!

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