Google Play Music is one of my favourite services from Google and the Android app has just been updated. The new version has a new Manage Downloads option that shows you what you have downloaded and how much space the content is taking, it also gives you the option to remove downloads from the device. With the Google Music subscription service it is very easy to get carried away and download excessive amounts and the manger is a good way of keeping on top of it.

The app also has a redesigned, flatter and resizable widget (4×1 to 4×4). You can find the app in the Google Play Store. I really wish Google would release a Windows Phone version but I guess that is not going to happen any time soon.

What’s New


* New ‘Manage downloads’ place that lets you see everything that you’ve downloaded, view the total space taken up by each item, and remove the downloads from device

* Redesigned widget that’s resizable from 4×1 to 4×4

* New 1×1 ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ widget

* You can now undo tracks removed from playlists and the queue via swipe


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