A couple of months ago when Microsoft invited press to a “small gathering” for a Surface event we were all pretty convinced that Microsoft was to launch the rumoured Surface Mini a small Windows RT based tablet. The event turned out to be a reveal of the Surface Pro 3 a 12 inch tablet and there was not a mini tablet in site. The rumours were that Microsoft pulled the announcement right at the last minute having decided that the Mini was not distinctive from other Windows tablets and that Microsoft were sitting on 20,000 Surface Minis already manufactured.

Today @evleaks a frequently leaker of Microsoft stories has said that the Surface Min is a back in production with a summer release schedule. Maybe this means that a touch friendly version of Microsoft Office is ready for release at the same time or maybe Windows 8.1 Update 2 could coincide with the launch.

Obviously this is all speculation and Microsoft haven’t commented on the Surface Mini apart from mentioning it in briefly in the Surface Pro 3 documentation. Is there still a demand from a small Surface from Microsoft or have OEMS like Toshiba and Dell filled the gap?

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