What started as a Windows Media Center addin has blossomed into a cross platform media solution, Media Browser is now available across a range of devices and has its own central server. Today the iPad version of Media Browser has been updated with bug fixes and stability improvements. The developers say more features are coming soon! The free server is available from MediaBrowser.tv and the app costs £2.49 from the iTunes Store.

Release Notes:

What’s New in Version 1.1.2

This is just a quick update with mostly bug and stability fixes. We have a lot more features planned for both the near and long term, so stay tuned!

– Fixed a bug that sometimes prevents the local player from seeking correctly
– Fixed the forward / rewind buttons
– Fixed sort crash bug on movie/tv show list
– Fixed the hostname/port fields on the add server screen
– Now with less memory leaks!

2 thoughts on “Media Browser for iPad updated”
  1. The app is beautiful and very functional, this app can only get better and i’m in a fortunate position to know what the future holds with the ipad app and this will get ported to the iphone app also.

    Its great to see a video library getting the attention it deserves!!

  2. The app is great!! Visually and from a usability standpoint. It is very intuitive. This list of MediaBrowser clients keeps growing

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