Yesterday the March update for the Xbox One started rolling out and it includes a some updates that should make it work better as an entertainment device.

  • The Xbox One now supports Dolby Digital sound output via the optical and HDMI ports on the device (previously DTS or stereo were the only options)
  • 50Hz output is now supported so the flickering frame rate issue should be fixed for UK users (and anywhere else that uses 50Hz TV signals).
  • Custom volume adjustments when using voice commands, so you can set the volume increments when using the “Xbox volume up” or “Xbox volume down” commands.
  • Support for the new Xbox One Media Remote
  • IR blasting of power on/off and volume is available in all regions
  • Improved sound bar setup

Hopefully the 50Hz fix will improve the HDMI pass though quality, I shall be testing it later and will report back. There are also other gaming related improvements which you can read about on the Xbox news site.

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