Most readers of this blog will remember The Green Button originally an independent community for Windows Media Center users to share tips, experiences and help each other with support issues. In 2009 it was purchased by Microsoft and then in 2011 merged into its Windows Expert Community. While Windows Media Center may not have as active community as it once did the forums were a vast resource for new and experienced users with a ton of troubleshooting advice in the forums.

Sadly it looks like even the forums are no more as the URL just redirects to Microsoft Answers Forums which has none of the TGB’s great archive. While there are other forums like and our own TDL Forums there is nothing out there like the original Expert forums.

We have reached out to Microsoft to find out if this is just a temporary problem or if it has permanently gone away. At least Microsoft could keep it around as a read only resource.

Fellow MVP Barb Bowman points out there is a cache of the forum

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