As I said in my review of the Xbox One media features the HDMI pass-through is a good idea and works ok but the quality isn’t good enough for me to switch to it full time and I still have my Sky box on HDMI 1. I found the colours were washed out and there was a strange juddering when watching fast motion video. THe juddering is caused by the Xbox video output being 60Hz and the UK TV format being 50Hz. The March update of the Xbox One will finally fix the 50Hz issue and have a 50Hz output option. Whether that will fix the washed out colours I am not so sure, without the frame rate conversions the colour saturation may be retained, lets hope it is and the quality of the pass-through is improved.

Other changes include Dolby Digital Audio, bitstream and options to disable Kinect hand control while watching a movie. The update is due March 11th.

Via Engadget

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