Users of Media Browser Classic which is the version of Media Browser for Windows Media Center have a great looking new theme to play with. The Aztec theme has a new movie browser that shows you the front and back covers and they curve around you as you scroll through them. The developer of the theme says it’s extremely fast and has a tone of customisation options.

There is a free trial version available, head over to the Media Browser forums for more images and download instructions.

Buckle up… Aztec is here – a new experience for MediaBrowser Classic that will spin your world back to front…

For the first time ever, you don’t just see the front cover of all your movies – you see the back cover too.

Aztec is the first and only theme to show you front AND BACK COVER IMAGES

Coverflow isn’t a flat row of covers – THEY CURVE AROUND YOU

Poster wall is big and all about the covers

Aztec is fast. Very fast.

A traditional-style EHS lets you quickly see recently added, unwatched, viewed items

Lots of customization options let you get things just how you want to see them

Check out Aztec and download your free trial.

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