Cast To UPnP/DLNA for Android
I have been using Cast To UPnP/DLNA for GMusic to stream Google Play Music to DLNA devices like the Xbox One and Sonos for a while and it works really well Android device. Today’s update adds the ability to stream Google Music from an iPad or iPhone to a DLNA render like the Xbox via the app running on a device. You may wonder why not just stream from the Android device but you could have an iOS device dedicated to streaming music and now you have the option of using and streaming Google Music from it.

Also the update passes on thumbnailed album art so it displays correctly on a DLNA device. There is also very big start button, I guess some people must have missed the previous button.

There is a free version that limits you to 20 minutes of audio playback, £1.69 gets you the full version. Get the app from the Google Play Store.


What’s New

– works with iOS Google Music

– displayed in a popup on tablets

– big ‘Start Google Music” button

– pass thumbnailed album art to renderers

– fixed auto-starting Google Music not working on some ROMs

– fixed Google Music not showing the cast menu if a renderer on the network has a blank name

– fixed Google Music install not properly detected with failure to populate the cast menu

– blacklisted home automation UPnP device making Google Music crash

– don’t show error if accessing album art fails

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