Vidolan have released 2.1.1 of the brilliant play anything media player VLC Player. Version 2.1.1 includes bug fixes for problems introduced in the 2.1.0 release, improves WMV3,Alac and AVI decoding and improves the Windows install. The update also has experimental decoding of HEVC and Webm/VP9 decoding.

The 2.1.0 introduced Ultra-HD support and better volume controls. The app is free from

2.1.1 Highlights

With the capabilities of “RinceWind”, 2.1.1 allows experimental decoding of HEVC and Webm/VP9 (depending on the platform).

2.1.1 fixes around a hundred of bugs, notably numerous regressions introduced in “RinceWind”.

Important fixes involve Speex, WMV3, Alac and AVI decoding, but also numerous Mac OS X crashes and GPU decoding on Windows.

2.1.1 also improves the Windows installer and updates most translations.

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