Not exactly surprising news but Microsoft have officially confirmed that the new Xbox One cannot be used as a Windows Media Center Extender. In a Q&A at Microsoft were asked if the Xbox One will work as an Extender and the answer came back from Microsoft that the device isn’t a native Media Center Extender. To be honest I never expected the device would be an extender as there is no Media Center team at Microsoft left to develop for it and Media Center is classed as a legacy application and gets very little love over in Redmond. If you want to use Extenders you are going to have to stick with the Xbox 360 or if you are still running Windows 7 you could use Ceton’s Echo extender.

The other implication of this is that any 3rd party developers can’t use Media Center as a way of getting content on the Xbox. For example MediaBrowser use the Media Center add as a way of getting there app on the Xbox 360 and this will not be possible with the One.

Are you disappointed with the news or is this just as expected? Let us know in the comments.

Will Xbox One work as a Windows Media Center Extender? For those that use a PC with TV tuner to record and watch TV, we use the 360 as an extender to stream this content to TVs. Will this continue with Xbox One?

WHITTEN: Xbox One isn’t a native Media Center Extender. We’ll continue to work to enable more ways for everyone to get the television they want over the life of the program.

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